by Peter J. Bates

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Reimagine, Resonate and Reboot

As we approach the last quarter of the year, three words come to my mind with respect to luxury travel marketing today – “reimagine,” “resonate” and “reboot.”  Why? 
  • Savvy marketers should be brave enough to know when it’s time to reimagine their brands in order to sustain the life of that brand.
  •  To be effective marketers, our efforts must resonate with our target audience. They can’t just resonate with us – they have to be meaningful and impactful to our customers
  • If we embrace the ideas of reimagining and resonating – along with new technology – we will likely enjoy a successful reboot, which is often a necessity in the lifecycle of a brand. Think of it as “revival of the fittest.” 

Reimagine & Reinvent
As luxury travel executives, we intimately know our brands – their essence, their defining aspects – but that doesn’t mean our brands are as distinct in the marketplace for affluent consumers and valued travel advisors. That’s why clarity of brands is crucial – showcasing an identity that is distinctive and rich in personality is the difference between being remembered and getting lost in the clutter.

For clarity, you need to understand your brand – and not be fearful of reassessing how consumers and travel partners perceive your brand. Keep your messaging fresh and on-point.  In the luxury space, we shouldn’t try to be all things to all people – it is about being the right thing to the right people.  This principle of “reimagine and reinvent,” as I like to call it, is driving luxury travel brands to create stronger corporate identities and strengthen their messaging.

Today’s emphasis is on exhibiting a razor sharp focus to target the right people.  Luxury travel companies are spending more money on new print advertising campaigns as well as putting money into digital and video/film because of their impact. Who is doing this? Look at Rosewood Hotels & Resorts (they just launched a new “Sense of Place” brand campaign), Shangri-La Hotels & Resorts (they are conceiving new television ads), Peninsula Hotels (the company is working on new creative and a focus on video) and Taj Hotels (they will shortly unveil a new campaign). Full disclosure – Rosewood and Shangri-La are clients.